Comprehensive Libel Report

If you’re looking for qualified guidance, we have the diverse experience necessary to keep you from entering this battle against online defamation and libel alone and uniformed. All situations involving libel and Internet defamation are unique. “Free evaluations” more often than not result in the sale of one specific reputation management solution, while overlooked opportunities for immediate relief and poor outcomes occur. Should we discover a policy violation that solves your problem nearly overnight, then your comprehensive libel report will save you thousands of dollars right out of the starting gate.

If we do not discover an immediate remedy, our customized comprehensive report includes all of the information you’ll need to recover your good online reputation on page 1 of Google.

Our guidance can enable you to fix your own reputation or effectively handle the problem in-house. We’ll help you save thousands on the cost of getting help without the critical information you need to better manage the problem yourself, or better manage those you hire to assist you.

Comprehensive Custom Libel Report Request

Order a Custom Comprehensive Libel Report to receive:

—> A link-by-link analysis that explains what each piece of good press needs to rise above the bad press, full directions on implementing immediate found remedies (if any exist).

—> A list of the necessary actions you must to take to get the bad press off of page 1 of Google.

—> A time saving, well-researched, custom list of up to three attorneys in your area who have a record of helping people in your current situation (in some cases all you’ll need is a threat letter, in other cases you will need a court order declaring the negative page online defamatory so that it can be de-indexed by Google within 72 hours of receiving the court order).

If you’re looking for an explanation on why one or more search results are failing to rank above your bad press, click here. Otherwise, complete the form below to order a comprehensive report.


After you complete the following information gathering form, you will be invoiced for the price marked below the type of report you choose. All reports are delivered to your email address within 7 days. You’re also welcome to call us.