Editorial Policy

Public reports are filed by checking the “Public” box in the report form.

Checking the “Confidential” box prevents us from ever publishing the reported party’s complete username. Confidential reports are used primary for reference, further research, content aggregation direction and useful stories. They also serve as our guide for issuing a general public alert on an active troll or astroturfer in any given town or business sector. Confidential reports are just as helpful in helping us put an end to the antics of trolls and astroturfers as public reports as they provide us with the critical information we need to shed light on the serious problem now impacting you.

Our editorial policy is to never directly reference a reporter’s personal or business name, ever, in any way shape or form, so as to minimize any risk of retaliation.

We also obscure our reporter’s identities and publish usernames in a style that would only be helpful to the person who happens to be looking up a username on this website. File a report with us today, help us identify repeat offenders, start the paper trail on an incident of libel or astroturfing and connect with others who have been defamed online by the same troll, astroturfer, extortionist website or bully.

If for any reason you desire content to be removed from this website, please see our removal policy.