Malicious Reviewers

Malicious reviewers damage professional reputations with defamatory remarks on review websites such as,,, and They’ll leave comments featuring personal or business names and sometimes libel on more than one website. Once their posting goes up it’s hard to get it off of page 1 of Google. Such malicious reviews often won’t sink to the bottom of other on page reviews or search results for years.

If you’re dealing with a malicious reviewer who is sponsored by a competitor, see our page on identifying an astroturfer, because that’s what they are called. After you’ve ruled out that the person who left the negative review was not hired to defame you, then you can identify a malicious review by looking for the following traits:

The review includes full names or appears on your consumer review profile.

The review is accompanied by a low star rating when on a consumer review profile.

The review contains libel (one or more statements that are not true).

Photographs and/or videos that either compromise your reputation or diminish your professional capacity are also often included in such online attacks.

The false review cannot be easily invalidated.

Outrageous claims are woven in with facts.

Accusations that cannot easily be denied are often also made.

The review contains a cold, uncaring or highly abusive raging tone.

If the above has happened to you, please report the incident to us so that we can discover if another person in your town is being attacked by someone with the same username.  By working together we can get more malicious reviewers banned a lot easier than simply trying to deal with the problem on a one-on-one basis. Until the others harmed emerge and report the incident to us, we can stand by you to uncover which remedy might best apply to your current situation and support you during the execution of that remedy for best results.