Identifying Trolls

Trolls build up their own image by putting others in a bad light on the Internet with libelous comments and images on online forums, Facebook, WordPress, Weebly pages and in any online location where people are gathered.  Some trolls will chase you around on the Internet. Others might make a one time damaging attack just for the attention at smear websites such as, or  Trendy social causes, or political point of views, are often used by the troll to feed their craving for attention.

There’s also a new breed of troll emerging. . . this troll is armed with a camera and the motivation to publicly humiliate their victims. Sometimes they only name and shame. At other times,  they simply post videos or pictures of their target.

This is the troll who might disapprove of something you’ve done in the public square, or misinterpret it, so they’ll take a picture of you, take it home, and upload it to social media websites such as Facebook with a shocking, funny or other type of attention getting statement. Some of these works of troll art manage to go viral with more than 20,000 likes and shares.

Sadly, few ever stop to ask if the incident warrants mass public shaming. Comments and false interpretations of the scene being shared propel an onslaught of potentially hurtful replies if the target is indeed innocent. Trolls are geniuses at activating mobs and agitating crowds.

Individuals in the cross hairs of expert trolls at work instigating mobbing end up with damaged lives, all from a troll who wanted to have a little “fun” on the Internet.

Trolls have been at defaming and libeling people online since the invention of the Internet. If you’ve got a troll on your tail, report them to us here.