The Libel Report’s Mission

Our primary mission is to highlight a wide assortment of online defamation and Internet libel related problems, without perpetuating them, while protecting others from harm by the same person. We don’t publish details that can exacerbate the unique online reputation problem that inspired a report to be filed here. Our information is searchable. Hidden identifiers help us maximize reporter privacy. The personal names within our database’s public reports are typically changed or hidden to protect the potentially innocent. Usernames are searchable, unless the report is marked private. If the username is a personal name, we will use our discretion when publishing our public reports, as appropriate. The reporting of geographic information is often essential aspect of our mission to help others.


We do not enable or promote naming and shaming at this website. raises public awareness of repeated acts of astroturfing, bullying, malicious online reviews, and Internet defamation. Some of these individuals are paid by competitors to attack, while others obviously don’t understand or care about the financial and emotional consequences of defamatory online speech. We strive to unite those who suffer damage by the same party and share meaningful resolutions.

We are not a legal group.

We’re simply watchdogs who help business owners and private parties remove online defamation whenever a relevant solution is discovered. If you landed on this website while looking for help, consider the merits of joining our Mediation Program.

In the more than 10 years we’ve been helping businesses and individuals on the web, we noticed the sheer magnitude of online defamation incidents has increased to such a degree that extortion websites have begun to capitalize on incidents of libel as they occur online. It was at this point we saw the need for a Libel Report database to help those suffering damages and expose continued acts of libel.

All reports filed on this website must be true.

Once we discover a pattern a public report is published in the name of public safety. The final published report contains information two or more individuals shared within their reports so that other damaged parties will be able to discover the report and coordinate relief together.

Names only come into play when there is a clear and inevitable threat to the public and when we’re authorized by the involved parties to publish an in-depth report on the matter.

Libel remains unlawful so it’s our mission to help more people realize it so that it happens less frequently. We do not allow reports containing libel on this website and so the manner we collect information prevents libel as well.

Will you join us in helping others find relief from astroturfers, malicious reviewers and online attackers if you’ve been defamed online and can prove it? All reports remain anonymous unless otherwise requested.

Rest assured your report here is a tool for warning the public of libelous activity online. Your report here can help others avoid dealings with known malicious individuals who post nasty things online, too.

Libel is still difficult too remove from the Internet once it appears on websites. However, by filing a report on the matter, you’ll be doing your part to call proper attention to the injustice.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Updated on 4/26/2015